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Silvi - Italian trimmings, string panels, string and fiber optic curtains for interior design
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Silvi srl founded in Florence in 1919 is one of the oldest italian producers of furnishing trimmings.
Our production includes trimmings for furnishing covering for sofas, armchairs, bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths etc.

We also produce curtains pulls, tie-backs, tassels, cords, borders, braids, fringes, rosettes and many other articles, handmade or jacquard woven, fast colored.
We are a typical Florentine artisan company and has become a leader in italian trimming business, able to export a large part of their production in the C.E.E. countries, USA, Canada and worldwide.

We patented a threaded curtain called "Silvia" which is particularly suitable for modern settings such as offices, showrooms, hotels etc.
We supply on commission personalized articles with a large selection of styles and colours for particular environments such as museums, antique villas, monuments, theatres etc.